September 15, 2014

I just responded to those weekly readings SO HARD. Like, someone could have come over, stolen ALL MY THINGS, and I would not have noticed, I was so in the zone. MODERN SYRIA IS THE BOMB DIGGITY.

September 15, 2014




Tiny Tattoos, Austin Tott

American photographer Austin Tott has captured a series of images that match miniature, hand-drawn body art to backgrounds from which they draw visual reference. Tiny tattoos are outlined onto the surface of a wrist, penned on the skin in black ink.

Illustrating small-scale bicycles, little trees and envelopes onto the arm, Tott then holds up the hand amongst various landscapes, sets and scenes, which thematically parallel each drawing. 

I love this so much… And I couldn’t tell you why…

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September 14, 2014


I am so ready…!

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September 14, 2014

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September 13, 2014

Oh noooo I’m rewatching Fringe and we’re finally at the introduction of the cortexiphan plotline and HOLY SHIT I CANNOT EVEN.

September 12, 2014


Watch the full poem: Javon Johnson - “cuz he’s black”

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September 12, 2014



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September 12, 2014




Veronika creates coats & new opportunities in Detroit

In Detroit, tens of thousands of people are homeless. Watch how a 24-year-old woman is trying to solve this crisis one coat at a time. Watch Veronika’s heartwarming story and see how she’s empowering down-on-their-luck Detroiters.

Click here to watch her story


That’s dope.

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September 12, 2014

Student Agencies FINALLY delivered my fridge/freezer!

Which means I can FINALLY get beer and steam fresh veggies and I can refrigerate my apples and I can have cold Gatorade after my run on Sunday and I can even drink chilled coffee. THIS IS THE BEST START TO THE WEEKEND THAT I COULD HAVE POSSIBLY HOPED FOR.

September 12, 2014





A man just walked past me and said “excuse me, but you look very nice tonight darlin” I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and walked off. And that is how you compliment a woman without harassing them

No, that is still unsolicited, and thus, harassment. No amount of “darlins” is gonna make me not want to punch your ass for coming on to me without provocation.






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September 11, 2014


The Sims Tumblr Posts

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September 11, 2014
Things I have left to do tonight

  • Read an article that bores me to tears
  • Do an Arabic transcription that frustrates me to tears

September 11, 2014

Content-wise, I have no idea if al-Kitaab is good or not, but HOLY SHIT, WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO MONEY-GRUBBY, AL-KITAAB? I just spent $50+ on your fucking textbook, and then to even do my homework, I have to buy a $25 companion website subscription? AND THEN YOUR WEBSITE WON’T EVEN WORK, WHAT THE FUCK.

September 11, 2014


7 dangerous myths about women who wear hijabs

The hijab is not the most important part of being a Muslim woman, but it is certainly the most visible. In a time when Islamophobia only seems to be on the rise in the West, a practice that is so personal and diverse has become a warped and misunderstood part of a flat and monolithic picture of Muslim women.

Read more

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September 11, 2014




Malcolm X: Our History Was Destroyed By Slavery 

on March 17, 1963 in Chicago.

see how little we get taught about history - I never had any idea why Malcolm X used the ‘X’. 

How come I didn’t know this

Also that crusty old white man called the named ‘gifted’. Jesus.

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