April 9, 2012

#so let me pre-emptively strike what i know fandom is going to say #about how cersei is such a mean bad lady to poor put-upon tyrion in this scene #let’s just step back and recall where cersei is coming from in this scene #the difference to cersei’s life having her mother in it would have made #cersei who grows up with barely any female presences in her life #who sees her family treat women like disposable objects (tysha) #then her husband and her bannermen (elia) #and infers from those events the worth of a woman in this world #if joanna had lived a few more years#she might have tempered her husband’s negligence towards his children #or seen the bruises on her daughter’s skin #and reminded her she deserved better #the cersei who’s talking here isn’t the adult cersei who’s weathered wars and worse #but the voice of girlhood: the same girl who once drew herself flying beside rhaegar on a dragon #and dreamed of better things #so before you go on about what a big ol’ baddie she is #just THINK #i’m not apologising for her #just pointing out #that this woman who is terrible in her wrath #is never wrathful without cause #ruthless in her cruelty #but never cruel without motive #dismiss her as one-dimensional and you’re missing out on all the richness and complexity of her character goddamn

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    all of that is true and explains why she does it, but doesn’t make it any less cruel to tyrion, because he also would’ve...
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